About me

Dear Traveler,

This is one of these days when you woke up full of ideas, motivation, and the feeling that today is the day to finally make a step ahead of your dreamed project. Every new project makes you insecure at the beginning but sometimes its better just to jump into the ocean before starting analyzing are you enough good swimming. And yes, you can swim (even when you don't know that), because there is no limit for someone who knows what he/she wants. 

My name is Eva, Founder of Spain Travel Journal. This project was born some years ago when I had to help my best friends creating a travel itinerary for their first visit to Barcelona. Was a lovely experience, 7-days full of visits, nice small shops, coffee spots, hidden gardens and bespoke views, less touristic places, and a lot of fun. After this first step into the new world, I have inspired new destinations all around Spain and start traveling and take notes and pictures. Every next time I was more convinced how beautiful and unique is Spain and wanted to share this feeling with my best friends. This idea has evolved to become to this online journal, where you can discover tips and tricks for an unforgettable stay in Spain. Apart from all travel recommendations, I added the section ¨Return to the Nature¨, where we will talk more about 3R (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) and our next steps for a more sustainable life. Last but not least, our Lifestyle section, where I will share with you ideas for better living. 

I am happy to be part of your day by day because my ¨fernweh soul¨ will be full when you can close your eyes after a long day and say...¨This was the best day of my life, here in Spain¨.

Looking to see you soon!
your Spain Travel Journal