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Actualizado: 7 de sep de 2020

Tell me how you design the wine, and I will tell you who you are. When in the ocean of images and information you found something different your brain alarmed you to pay special attention. This happens with me when I saw @ladywines account in IG and start investigating who is behind this passioned project, but first, pour yourself a glass of wine.

Distinguished Cava Storytelling © Lady Wines

Once Upon a Time...

Choosing wine in a past was a simple process because only two types of wine were available in the supermarket - white and red. With the years' everything change - more variety of wine, wine coming from other continents, new labels, new packaging, storytelling, PR campaigns and advertisement, now a day social responsibility and influencers.

Behind the Curtain...

Behind the @ladywines' project is Sara Planells. She is passioned wine stylist and designer, born in Barcelona who counts the story of the wine through our senses.

''My relationship with wine began in my university days when I met a colleague who had studied oenology. From there, we set up the Wineys project and little by little I became more interested in this world. My studies in audiovisuals did the rest.''

At the beginning of 2019 @ladywines was born, when...

''a client who has a small wine brand asked me to renew his brand presentation dossier, he needed a radical change with new photographs. I looked for many references, artists from different disciplines, diverse photographers and, finally, I took a series of photographs of his 4 references. The images were very popular and my friends and acquaintances from the world of wine asked me for more.''

... and the magic happen! In less than a year of hard work, she won the 3rd position in category "Best Visual StoryTelling" of the prestigious Born Digital Wine Awards with Vinventions.

What ''Wine Stylism'' means?

Lady Wines: This is a movement that emerged very recently, especially thanks to social networks. Like the "food stylist", it is about creating compositions based on aesthetics focused on gastronomy or, in my case, on wine. It is basically like the art director of a movie, who chooses the general style of all the elements that will appear in it; from the decorations to the tones in editing.

What skills do you need to be a wine stylist?

Lady Wines: It is not difficult to be a wine stylist if you have a sense of aesthetics and a minimum of photographic equipment (a Smartphone with a camera and a light source such as a window). It is also essential to be a "wine lover": knowing how to identify the aromas of wine, finding attractive pairings, knowing the history behind the winery ...

Work in Progress...

Sara, was so nice to share with me the process of creating the storytelling and share some tips and tricks for you. Selecting wine, which story to be represented in one shot is not an easy process. Behind the final result there are hours of hard work - learning the history of the wine (flavors, colors, traditions, region, facts related with the company), find the best elements which represent the spirit of the product, find the perfect light and take a picture which is able to tell you the story of the product in seconds.

Which was your favorite ‘winemaking of ’ moment?

Lady Wines: Is difficult to choose only one... I could highlight the photos of Born Rosé taken abroad to give it a tone closer to the brand; I loaded my backpack with 5 tuppers full of cut fruit and flowers, I planted my tripod in the middle of the street and I began to place all the elements on the ground. People stared at me in surprise ...

Which object makes the perfect match with the wine?

Lady Wines: Everything. I think there is nothing that you cannot reconcile. I started using only fruits to capture aromas but little by little I have been loosening up and using other objects such as books, algae, feathers, popcorn ... anything that has to do with wine, its storytelling or whatever it evokes is valid.

Last but not least....time for 〰Insider tip〰

Lady Wines, can you give us your 5 tips for the best IG wine styling picture?

Lady Wines: Sure!

First of all: see many examples! Having visual references is the key, nobody invents anything from scratch (and less now that everything is invented), the ideal is to know how to mix everything well.

2nd: Look at the colors. You should look at the wine label and see what kind of color combination might suit it best. Maybe a monochromatic combination? Bi-chromatic? Or an unlimited palette? You must choose the props well so that everything follows the same line.

3rd: Composition. Instagram is marking the aesthetics of current images. I still use the native square format of this social network (although now it supports other proportions). In this format, images with very good symmetry, with parallel lines or with very marked vanishing points, triumph.

4th: Taste the wine. The best way to get inspired is to meet it, savor it and see what it tells you. It depends on how it is, maybe it inspires you some reasons or others.

5th: Imagination to power!

Lady Wines, I wish you good luck with this amazing project!

My challenge to you traveller is...., when the next time you are in a winery shop and choose a wine to think about the storytelling Sara talk about and be honest with yourself...how you choose wine? Because of the brand name, the label, the packaging, the social responsibility of the brand or the storytelling behind. Cheers!

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