Sustainable Surrealism - the New Artistic Wave

''You have to systematically create confusion, it seats creativity free. Everything contradictory creates life.'' Our life is beyond Nature, but completely depending on it. We can't escape your mistakes, the Global Climate Changes and only in us is the power to change or to reduce the impact of our actions. Stop for a while and think for 3 possible changes you can make in your day by day to protect more the planet. I already have mine. Now you can continue reading and learn more about my guest today.

Once Upon a Time...

When I was a kid, the painting was my favourite time in school, home, vacations, summer and winter days. I was able to spend hours reproducing images. When I move to live in capital to study in a new high school, I didn't have enough time to dedicate on the paintings. This doesn't stop my creativity. I discovered a new hobby - making jewellery of paper, bottles, etc. I have always trayed to ¨reuse¨ the materials around me and transform them into some kind of art.

Behind the Curtain...

Today my guest is Ladislas. He is an Artist and freelance illustrator based between Barcelona and Marseille.

Ladislas: I always created Art but did it in various forms. I used to be a musician in the past and was playing in a Alternative rock band for a decade. When the band stopped I felt the urge to continue to express myself, replace this passion I had after this period ended.

In my Art I explore a surrealistic universe, filled with colors, natures and animals of all sorts that are surrounding people. I would say I create some kind of wild, lush and imaginative jungles. The main theme I’m exploring is the connexion between humans and nature.

I followed my gusts and started to train and learn to draw portraits. I started with creating what I call « graphic tributes » to my favorite movies ( Alternative Movie Posters) in digital painting using a computer and a graphic tablet.

Through the years i started to find my own style. Changing the topic and subjects, continuing to paint digitally but I started to be interested more in nature and all the diversity and richness of it. I started to create series of portraits immersed in jungles and from that the personal path I’m following appeared. Since then, I started to paint more traditionally too, trying to adapt my digital paintings and reproduce it on canvas.

The originality of my path is that I mainly learned to paint digitally first and then I started to paint on canvas and paper. Many people start with traditional and discover the digital after. I guess it gave me a different approach in my Art using this digital techniques I learned and trying to adapt them onto canvas after.

Where do you find inspiration?

Ladislas: I find inspiration in many things, It can be in movies, in music, in video games when I was younger. In other Artists works too it’s an endless source of inspiration for me. In the « Pop culture » world too.

But my main source of inspiration is definitely traveling & Nature: the diversity of animal species or insects, underwater world or plants, is mind blowing to me.

So much richness out there and we tend to forget how exclusive and unique our planet is compared to everything that is surrounding us in the part of space humanity can reach. Nothing comparable as this planet.

Two years ago you decided to leave the office and take the ride to the Philippines...

Ladislas: Traveling is super important for me, I’d love to travel more as the world has so much wonder to show us, most part of humans would love to travel and discover what we have out there. I’d love to visit places like Namibia in the future. Places with preserved nature are in my top preferences.

With modern transportations we can have access to places that were not accessible 60 years ago, discover new cultures and wonders from other part of the planet. The massive problem with that is that to be able to do this, we use transportation that are not adapted to respect the environment, we can travel everywhere but at what cost?

I recently read an article that was speaking about the CO2 emissions of planes to illustrate this massive problem: A plane travel back an forth to Paris - Bali (Indonesia) for 1 person emit 5 tons of CO2 which is the average amount of CO2 expense for 1 person in France for a year. 1 travel cost the planet 1 year of emission for 1 person when you see how much people are traveling for holidays or work you can imagine the damages…

Society has to adapt and there’s not much time left to do so. I have hope that people are gonna manifest and say they’re don’t stand for the values that modern societies are selling us. Change can happen and will, it’s up to us to share our opinion and show we’re responsible enough to adapt our behaviors and find better solutions to live (and travel) in the future.

When we met some years ago, you were involucrated in a Street art Project. Is the Street art civilized way of demonstrating social problems?

Ladislas: I participated to some street Art projects as I personally think that it’s a way to give Art back its ''accessibility''. To me, Street Art is not a trendy ''Artistic movement'' like it seems to be presented those years. Street Art always existed in various forms. I see it more as a way to showcase Art in a place that is free from the ''Art world structure''. Not so much as an Artistic movement.Social media achieved this well in some way but it’s nothing comparable with being able to stand in front of a real painting watch it, travel and dive through it with your eyes.

Art is meant to be seen by everyone no matter your background, your age or how much money you have in your pocket. Art in the street give the opportunity to do this, you don’t have to go to an interior space to watch Art. Art is coming to you, in your daily life and sometimes play with the location where its painted. Street Art is great to talk about social problems yes, it’s in the public place, a free space for expression. Most part of the time it’s coming from the Artist that is proposing an honest vision and deliver his/her message. I think It’s less distorted and tweaked by brand sponsors or anything that can control the message of it.

Which is your advice to the people in reference to the Global Climate changes?

My main advice to people is to raise their voice and speak. Many people out there doesn’t stand for the values of this society: Very often richness and power are concentrated in very few people that do and change the world following their economical interest.

Ladislas: People don’t find purpose or happiness in this model. We know we have to change and everyone has a voice, everyone can and have to contribute. The first step in order to make things change is to speak and manifest yourself, what you’re standing for.

Active people will be able to reshape the world we built, passive people will be given what other will decide for them. I recommend for example to sign online petitions on the web, it’s super easy, it’s free and your voice pills up with the one of thousands more.

I also would recommend to speak about climate changes topics with your friends, see what’s their advice with that. See how you could contribute in your own way: Participate to some events in your city or town, create something by yourself. Pay attention to recycle things, or support some organizations you stand for with time, visibility by sharing some of their content or by contributing by donations , big or small according to your possibilities.

When you do this you act, imagine if everyone would do it at the same time ?

How do you see the future of your Project in 10 years?

Ladislas: Haha difficult question to answer. I wish that in the future I’ll be able to continue to share my Artistic vision with people and participating to projects to raise awareness and educate people for the preservation of wildlife and environment.

I will collaborate with organizations, museums, sustainable brands and galleries. I will collaborate on projects that are involving culture and Art for the purpose of ecology. I will travel in places to highlight issues or solutions to fight the climate change.

I’ll be happy to contribute on my own way to this and add my brick to the wall to create a sustainable future.

When and where we can see your artworks?

Ladislas: You can see my Artworks on my pages on the web and hopefully in some physical places too, in galleries or in the street. Actually you can see a door I painted in Philippines in a magical hostel lost between the mountains of northern Luzon island, but I agree it’s not the easiest place to reach to see my paintings. You can follow my Artistic adventure on my IG or @ladislas_c. You can also visit my website

Ladislas, thank you so much for your time and to share with Spain Travel Journal what that surrealism art means for you. Don't forget to check the web and collaborate with Ladislas on a future projects.

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