Top 10 Weird and Healthy Flavors of Ice-Cream

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Ice-cream made by yogurt and curry, cheddar applewood with bacon, saffron, black garlic, pine, or black sesame...there is no limit for Paral.lelo gelateria in Barcelona. Are you ready to taste?

Once upon a time...

When I was a kid, summer afternoons were my favorite time. Why? No, because of the siesta, actually I'm not a siesta lover. After all, day running, biking, and playing with the kids on the street the afternoon was dedicated to Aunt Tania. She had a small camper, where she sold ice-cream in a cone. Only two options - vanilla and chocolate and I liked both. Every time I ordered an option tree, which was the mix of both. ''You can't buy Happiness, but you can buy Ice-Cream, and that's basically the same thing¨. And this was the glory of the day, which lasted a maximum of five minutes, but this was the happiest time of my life. Then I change my hometown but the love of ice-cream was still there.

''We always followed the idea that ice cream it’s not just a dessert or a seasonal sweet product, but it’s a moment of joy that you give to yourself, so you can have it all year long, in different ways, including putting it a side of a salty dish or a starter''.

Behind The Curtain...

Ok, let's travel from the past to the present, where my main guest today is Paral.lelo Gelateria. Simple decoration, no extra elements, where the main focus is ¨street gelato in a paral.lelo world¨ (playing with the name of the boulevard in Barcelona - ¨Paral.lel¨ (in Catalan). But who is behind the curtain? Four friends from Sanremo - Francesco, Matteo, Marco, and Gianluca decided to move to Barcelona and start this amazing project together, where their ideas become in gelato. And where is the secret? They are using local, biologic, and seasonal products, which means every time there are new flavors.

''The craftsmanship and the fresh products give us the possibility to try (always following some rules to respect the product seasoning) thousand of combinations of flavors, to give to our costumers the feelings to bring them back to that spectacular sunset on the Caribbean sea (the “Tulum” a mango sorbet with lime, tajin and chipotle Chile), or the memories of perfumes and flavors of their childhood (like the tomato and basil sorbet or the raw cookie dough ice-cream with yeast''.

More Than Flavors...

Below our top 10 (Mamma Mia!):

Was difficult to select the best flavors of Paral.lelo gelateria, because all they are unique and apart of that healthy:

10. Lemon and Ginger

9. Mango and Passion Fruit

8. Tonka Bean With Lime Zest

7. Rosemary

6. Chocolate With Almond

5. Watermelon With Mint

4. Pistachio

3. Yogurt With Curry

2. Pine

1. Black sesame

''During these four years, we made more than 200 flavors, from the never missing classics (pistachio, hazelnut, Belgian chocolate, vanilla Burbon from Madagascar, homemade cookies & cream) to mixed combinations (mango and passion fruit, watermelon with mint, dulce de leche with caramelized peanuts, avocado lime and mint with chocolate chips) till arriving at the bravest flavors like; cheddar applewood with bacon, smoked 100% dark chocolate with habanero chile, saffron, black garlic, or the “Creuza de Ma” sorbet (a tribute to Fabrizio De André, a famous songwriter/poet originally from Genova) made with sea water with pine and glasswort infusion''.

Which was the ¨most extravagant¨ ice-cream you ever taste and where?

〰Insider tip〰: Find the Paral·lelo gelato cart in street food festivals, music festivals, city markets, or on your proper event.


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