Top 10 Worldwide Destinations 2020

Actualizado: 2 de sep de 2020

Tripadvisor officially announced the best of the best in the category Worldwide Popular Destinations for this year. Spain is proudly represented by Barcelona and Mallorca. Which is/was your dreamed destination this year?

For all travel souls, 2020 opens a new chapter in our travel book. The Covid-19 focuses our travel destinations within our home countries, instead abroad, because of closed borders, safety, financial, and also eco-friendly reasons.

Travel locally and discover your own country sometimes is priceless. Supporting local tourism is a must this year, especially in the case of Spain, where the tourism represents 14.6% of GDP (176,000 million euros in 2019) in addition to 2.8 million jobs, according to a report prepared by the business association World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC).

Below you can find the top 10 Worldwide Destinations in 2020, according the #Tripadvisor Traveler's Choice. We are extremely proud that destinations like Barcelona and Mallorca are in this list. Even your country is not within the list, we are sure that is a unique place and depend of us to taking care of our home. Congratulations to all winners!

10. #Istanbul, Turkey // 9. #Barcelona, Spain // 8. #Mallorca, Spain // 7. #Sicily, Italy //

6. #Phuket, Thailand // 5. #Rome, Italy // 4. #Bali, Indonesia // 3. #Crete, Greece//

2. #Paris, France // and the winner is.... 1. #London, UK


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